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Vorig jaar oktober hadden we een blogster uit New York aan boord. BellavitaStyle blogt over fashion, beauty, lifestyle en haar reiservaringen. Op haar blog schrijft ze over haar 3 daagse trip in Amsterdam en geeft verschillende tips over wat je echt gezien moet hebben… En daar hoort natuurlijk een rondvaart door de grachten bij…!

“The captain picked us up at a pier near our hotel and then we set off for our journey. I was immediately impressed by the boat. It was a sleek, wooden electric boat that looked like it had been made for Ralph Lauren.”

“As the boat took down the canals, we passed the most beautiful historic homes and house boats. It was like sensory overload being on the water gliding through the canals seeing the pastel row homes go by…An added bonus: the boat is smaller than most of the other tourist boats, so you get to go through hidden canals and other areas that the larger boats can’t access.”

“This was truly one of our favorite things we did in Amsterdam and should be at the very top of your list when you book your trip.”

Het hele artikel lees je hier:

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