About us

Frans has lived in Amsterdam since 1983 and sailed with a small boat almost daily after his work to relax and unwind. He also loves good food, often outdoors in his regular restaurants, but regularly looking for new fine spots. Baptized in 1996 by Mayor Patijn as the skipper-owner of Amsterdam's first electric saloon boat, he also feels "mister electric" and, as a co-initiator, is at the forefront of the construction of many electrical breakthroughs in the world of boats. In 2014 he will marry Judith, of course on a beautiful historic boat. Judith, like French, has travelled a lot. She worked internationally in the travel industry always looking for special hotels for her guests. Frans is the classic skipper, builder, host and Judith is the one who makes everything run smoothly in terms of requests, catering and communication and planning. Since 2016 Boris is also our son, who always makes you laugh and makes us even more appreciate the "little". Together we want to offer you an unforgettable experience with beautiful, quiet and small boats and good food and drink.